August 2020.

In a short time, the labor market has changed due to the corona crisis. Unemployment continues to rise, but even in these times, there are professions with good job opportunities.

The list prepared by UWC shows as well professions where there are less good job opportunities. These are mainly professions in the hospitality industry, sales, security, transport and logistics. The opportunities for cooks, security guards and bus drivers have suddenly become much smaller. The situation may be temporary, but it may also take longer to recover if the economy is deteriorating.


The least promising professions are currently professions related to digitization and automation. For example, there is still less work for supporting secretarial staff, desk clerks at banks or post offices and libraries. Part of those workplaces disappears for good. There are also professions where the supply of jobseekers is greater than the demand of employers. These are often popular professions such as animal care, event organizers or activities supervisors.

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