With the ‘Safe Working Together’ protocol that the government has drawn up in consultation with the construction and technology sector, the work can continue despite the corona crisis. But uncertainty remains and there is a great need for flexible employees. And everyone seems to be fishing in the same pond.

Although there are fewer staff shortages than before the corona crisis, professionals are still in high demand. There is still a great need for plumbers, calculators, contractors, electricians and construction workers finishing (source: UWV analysis).

Training young people or retraining side entrants takes time and that time is often not available. Current projects must be delivered according to agreement and competently. That requires rapid availability of personnel. It is precisely the uncertainty that the corona crisis entails that employers need flexibility above all else. The demand for experienced and trained employees who can get to work quickly is therefore high. However, the range of flex workers is limited. Everyone seems to be fishing in the same pond and it could just be that you are fishing behind the net and fail to find good staff quickly enough.

Sourcing Solutions can help you. We have been working for years with reliable and certified companies and contractors in Eastern Europe who can deploy a team of qualified personnel on your project quickly and in accordance with legislation and regulations.

A big advantage over other companies that supply foreign workers in the construction industry is that our teams are managed by a team leader who speaks at least English and, in many cases, also (a little) German or Dutch.

Our partners can help you directly with a team of 5 to 20 skilled construction workers. If you need more people, larger teams can be mobilized in a period of four to six weeks.

Would you like to know more or ask a question, than please contact us. That can be done in three ways:



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