The pandemic has a huge impact on business. Both small and larger companies are affected to a greater or lesser extent and especially those companies where the human factor plays an important role in the success of the company are hit hard. 

The corona crisis halted the flow of skilled labor into the free market of the European Union. Thousands of workers chose to return to their home countries. In the Netherlands we see that the shortage of good and skilled craftsmen is increasing rapidly, employees with the right knowledge and skills are difficult to find. Sectors and industries that require a lot of manpower to produce goods and services have a major problem at the moment. Started projects threaten to come to a standstill and working methods that previously yielded the desired result must be overhauled. 

Recruiting individual employees costs you a lot of time and energy. Where do you get them from and how do you arrange all formalities quickly and correctly in this extraordinary situation? That is not an easy task and Sourcing Solutions is happy to think along with you.

We offer a B2B solution where we link your company to a company that can supply a complete team of qualified workers at short notice. 

Knowing more? Read more about our mission and vision here.

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