In the end of February, while many of us were still skiing, Europa was entering a new era. Nobody knew then, that so many changes are to come. No one knew that they would affect each country and hit economies.

Today the pandemic is reshaping business, big and small. Before we knew – the most of companies got entangled into the global chain of cooperation. Globalisation is a new gravity. Those ones, where the human factor remains an important element of success – are suffering the most.

Pandemic not only stopped the flow of qualified manpower throughout free markets of EU – but also redrawn back thousands of people to their homelands.

Already now in the Netherlands, we can observe, that the gap between demand and supply is getting bigger. Lots of companies acting in the manpower intensive sectors are suffering from the lack of personnel. The growing sector of e-commerce causes deficiencies of staff not only within the sector but also by the chain of deliveries. Although many working places seem to be at risk – some others are created. People are confronted, like never before, with a must of readiness for adaptation, unimaginable before. However, adaptation takes time while there are almost immediate solutions.

We believe that it is not an individual recruitment that can be an answer to such urgent situation – but a thoughtful B2B match making between the demand and the supply. Based on detailed inquiry and on rules of international compliance. Where all the requirements are fulfilled and both parties (the Client and the (Sub)Contractor) keep a transparent, fair approach, applying the law and standards of the country of performance of the contract. The immediate solution appears. This is what we are standing for.

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