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How to handle peaks and troughs in your production process in a flexible way?

We make it possible! For years we have been working with reliable certified companies who can deploy a team of qualified personnel for your project.  Quickly and in accordance with legislation and all local requirements.

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Free of charge, we will contact You with qualified staff that can quickly get to work for you, on a secondment basis! Do not lose any time arranging formalities, because we unburden you in the areas of G-account, NEN440-2, VCA and A1-statement, among others.


Our agent is looking for the best collaborators for your project or business. As a next step we introduce you to a reliable and certified company that puts together a team of professionals for you. A perfect solution, where the team is attuned to each other and can get to work for you professionally and quickly.

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Sourcing Solutions provides free contact with qualified personnel who can quickly start work as part of a delegation!


Join our Network! We have a solution for (temporary) staff shortage among Dutch companies that work with people and technology. We put such entrepreneurs in contact with renowned companies that can provide a team of experienced skilled professionals quickly and in accordance with legislation and local regulations.

Our mission: We see it as our task to unburden entrepreneurs when they are expecting problems in the implementation of the production process for which they are responsible. We introduce such entrepreneurs to companies that assemble a team of professionals who can provide temporary support. We coordinate the cooperation between Dutch entrepreneur and the (sub) contractor’s team leaders and we arrange all necessary and country-specific formalities.

Our vision: We are convinced that direct contact between the entrepreneur (client) and the (sub) contractor works best. Together they make clear and feasible tailor-made work agreements and us, we provide support where necessary. We guarantee optimal support for the production process in accordance with national laws and regulations. We safeguard the principle of equal pay that prevents illegal exploitation of labour.

We offer personnel solutions in:


The companies and (sub) contractors we work with guarantee that they comply with all regulations in force at the location where your business activities take place. The contractor we put you in contact with meets the legal criteria that apply in the Netherlands.

  • registration of employees in the municipality hall
  • BSN number
  • paying income tax advanced payments
  • payment of social security premium in the country of origin (A1)

Our partners have years of experience in their field. They are in possession of NEN440-2 certificate and they are VCA certified.

Team leaders you will be dealing with speak at least English and / or German.

If you are looking for contractors who can help you quickly with their experienced staff, please let us know by filling in the form below. We supply teams of at least five employees.

Join our network

We cooperate with the trusted network of suppliers and contractors and we only work with companies that adhere to international and local rules on tax, employment law and employment conditions. 

We are always looking for potential suppliers and contractors who meet the above-mentioned criteria and who can provide qualified and experienced personnel that can quickly start working in IT, the metal industry, electrical engineering, the agriculture and food sector, construction, logistics and (medical) care. 

In the event of a successful match between supply and demand, the supplier (contractor) pays a predetermined commission amount to Sourcing Solutions. 

Would you like to be part of our network, or would you like more information about a possible collaboration, please let us know by filling in the form below.

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