According to the latest survey of the Dutch labor market, only 6.6% of working people and 4.5% of the over-45s are currently actively looking for a job.

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(…) Compared to the first quarter of 2020, this is a total 28% less supply of salaried people who want to make a switch. In the 45-plus group, this is halved compared to the already very limited supply that was available in the scarce market in the first quarter of this year. The people with a job stay where they are and do not apply. The total labor market activity (those who are actively looking for a job) of the Dutch labor force is now 10.8%. The lowest point since 2011. (…)

(…) Since the start of the crisis, the number of offers has increased, especially among students, supporters and young people under 30. The majority of this group has now found a new job after 10 weeks of crisis or is again working more hours in the old job and therefore not or less active on the labor market. They have filled the vacancies and additional jobs in supermarkets, home delivery services, distribution centers and retail, among others. (…)

There are large differences here by profession, sector and region. This is evident from analyzes from the current labor market supply survey conducted by Intelligence Group between 11 and 25 May 2020 in which 982 people were interviewed.

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