Help at home or help in the garden – no more needed! Families staying home because of corona recommendations took over works outsourced before. Personnel for hotels, restaurants – no more needed.

Those are 10 least required professions in the Netherlands are:
* Weekend help
* Chambermaid
* Kitchen help
* Catering employee
* Corporate recruiter
* Receptionist
* Service advisor… and some more.

The most demanded at this time?
* PIC programmer (+126%!)
* Machine builder
* Mechanical engineer
* Technic mechanic
* Nurses … and some others.

Some of these changes are temporary; some others will stay as the consequence of emergency situation and remain in the post-corona times.

People are learning now about power of online-working, online-meeting, online-management. They are learning to spend money more reasonably. They learn about many things unnecessary to enjoy the life. Some might discover that flying often, travelling far, possessing much, living global doesn’t improve the quality of living, as we have believed so far. For many, the outcome could be a turn onto the sustainable way of living, focusing on moments more than on long-term goals. Not everything can be done remotely.

Also your business might be obliged to reshape, requiring involvement of specialists that you do not have and that you do not intend to employ. Why not to use smart sourcing of qualified teams? Working with us – you can optimise your costs while cooperating with reliable (Sub)contractors.

Would You like to give it a try? Contact us!

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