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We successfully solve the problems of enterprises confronted with the difficulties associated with securing the production process, in which the human factor is the leading element.

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Many years of experience allow us to create unique alliances between players applying the rules of international and local “compliance” in the field of tax regulations, labor law and employment conditions.


We deliver ready solutions to eliminate extreme fluctuations in your demand for qualified personnel..


We matchmake and connect Dutch enterprises operating on the basis of technological processes containing a significant human element, with proven enterprises with qualified and experienced staff.

Our mission: We solve the problems with the efficiency of enterprises so that they can meet their implementation obligations on time, while contributing to the optimization of their labor costs.

Our vision: We believe that the greatest value of our service is the direct contact we make between the Client and the Contractor as also the formal and legal completeness of the solution that we provide as tailored to a specific project. European and local regulations require that the basic “equal pay” criterion is met while employing other companies that delegate their employees. The solutions we offer guarantee optimal support for production processes while meeting prefectly the administrative and legal requirements of the local market.

We provide solutions in the following areas:


Our Partners guarantee meeting the standards in force on the local market of the Client in terms of the employment conditions (“compliance” – application of provisions of legality of employment, working conditions and remuneration of employees, as well as industry requirements).

Contractors with whom we will contact you meet local administrative and legal criteria, such as those in force in the Netherlands.

  • registration of employees in the municipality hall
  • BSN number
  • paying income tax advanced payments
  • payment of social security premium in Poland (A1)

Our Partners (Rescuing Angels) are companies with years of experience in the market, possessing NEN440-2 certificates or ready to obtain such certification for the needs of joint projects (VCA etc.) – within 3 upcoming months.

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We combine demand with supply and supply with demand. We operate on the basis of a proven network of Contractors and we associate exclusively those enterprises that operate in compliance with international and local tax regulations, labor law and employment conditions.

We search for potential suppliers or for recipients of goods and services that meet the given criteria. We prepare a list of potential contractors, and organize meetings with selected companies. We can also participate in such meetings or conduct them in Your name within the scope priorly agreed, and including negotiating the terms of cooperation.


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